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Full Party Package Details

Your entertainer is set and ready to go as the first guests arrive, they will have a little chat with the birthday child and greet the little guests, once most the children have arrived they will get all the children sat down infront of them and begin the Magic Show. Sometimes there may be a party dance at the start or the end of the show, but the entertainer will finish his first session at the end of the first hour. This is when you should be ready with the party food. The entertainer will supervise the children sitting down at the food table or walk them over to the food area, and then play background music while the children eat.


We allow twenty minutes for food, if a few of the children are up in no time the entertainer will encourage them to sit back down, but if the majority are up earlier no problems, it's more time for dancing! The best time to do the birthday cake is right after the food, the entertainer will speak with you and lead the guests singing happy birthday.


Part two is party time. All the party songs including classics like the Cha Cha slide, Gangnam style

and lot's of games the children will love. Each entertainer will play different games and songs but they will all keep the children busy and bouncing till the end of the second hour.


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